On the Road

Derek Boshier

On the Road


Exhibition dates6th October – 18th November
Private View5th October | 6-8 PM


Derek Boshier’s On the Road is the inaugural solo exhibition at
Gazelli Art House in London, showcasing his latest acrylic on
canvas works and premiering two short films.

Boshier’s clear references to pop culture are ever present in
this show with depictions of his long standing friend and biggest
collector, David Bowie appearing in three paintings: ‘David Bowie
and Teresa Cornelys’, ‘David Bowie Twice’ and ‘David Bowie, Jack
Kerouac, and David Bowie’. The pair first met in the late seventies and shortly after their introduction
Boshier was to design the album artwork for Bowie’s Lodger. Within these paintings Boshier approaches
the subject of how a single performer explores many identities through creative self-management, a
performing art Bowie excelled at.
Shortly before David Bowie died, he is known to have written messages to his nearest, longstanding friends
and collaborators. Included in these heartfelt goodbyes Boshier received praise and acknowledgement
for his body of work and contribution to the pop art movement throughout the decades.

“I just had to write and tell you how much I love the book that has just been published. Your work really
cascades over the decades and is utterly real and convincing. You really are a master. Cush!!”

– David Bowie

Boshier attended the Royal College of Art where he was a contemporary amongst notable artists involved
in the pop art movement such as Kitaj, Allen Jones, R.B and David Hockney. His Image in Revolt exhibition
at London’s Grabowski Gallery with Frank Bowling that Boshier introduced icons of American consumer
culture with the incorporation of big brand logos. Taking a non-hierarchical approach to the use of popular
images has been a long running theme within Boshier’s work, making use of the Pepsi logo in place of the
rising sun and other iconic images such as Kellogg’s cornflakes logo and iconic striped toothpaste image.
Other works in the exhibition include his Otherwise Engaged series (Pyramids and Guadeloupe Mountains),
which provide a witty social commentary on the digitalization of everyday life and the appreciation, or lack
of, of one’s surroundings. Two paintings; Cheetah Mathmaticus and In Anticipation are a continuation of
Boshier’s long term interest in aspects of duality, which also appears in the series Otherwise Engaged.
Although this exhibition focuses primarily on his paintings Boshier is known to explore other mediums as
a sculptor, filmmaker, designer and artist.

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