A Virtual Reality Exhibition: ENTER THROUGH THE HEADSET 3

A Virtual Reality Exhibition: ENTER THROUGH THE HEADSET 3

Gazelli Art House is pleased to present Enter Through the Headset 3 (2018). The exhibition will showcase four artists working within the medium of virtual reality (VR) who have also been previous residents of ‘Gazell.io’ – the gallery’s month long online residency that runs alongside the gallery’s exhibition program. Gazell.io is an innovative digital platform, which embodies the gallery’s commitment to digital art, interactivity and education.

Exhibiting artists and works include:

Michael Takeo Magruder “A New Jerusalem”,

Eran Tsafrir “/sa:m/ [Psalm.]”,

Mbryonic (Tom Szirtes & Xan Adderley) with Xavier Sole “Appropriation” & “Sunfollowers”

CiR-CA69 (Simon Wilkinson) “The Third Day”

Drawing on themes of sustainability, truth and our human effect on society, these works are completely immersive with carefully created artistic environments, moving image and sound. The lines between art and reality become effortlessly blurred to engage the viewer through all senses simultaneously.

Private View: 6th September, 2018

Exhibition dates: 6 – 30th September, 2018


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