(B.1937 Portsmouth, UK)

Boshier attended the Royal College of Art where he was a contemporary amongst notable artists involved in the pop art movement such as R.B Kitaj, Allen Jones and David Hockney. It was within his ‘Image in Revolt’ exhibition at London’s Grabowski Gallery with Frank Bowling that Boshier launched his career, introducing icons of American consumer culture with the incorporation of big brand logos within his work. Taking a non-hierarchical approach to the use of popular images has been a long-running theme within Boshier’s work, making use of the Pepsi logo in place of the rising sun and other iconic images such as Kellogg’s cornflakes logo and iconic striped toothpaste image. The popularity of Boshier’s work among music icons such as The Clash and David Bowie have brought his work to a wider audience

Boshier’s work has been shown internationally particularly in Europe and the US.  In 2017 he added to his extensive exhibiting record with a solo exhibition at the Night Gallery (Los Angeles) as well as exhibiting at Tanya Leighton (Berlin), Tom Solomon Gallery (Los Angeles) and a two-person show at Galerie Albert Baronian (Brussels). Alongside his solo shows Boshier has also appeared in several group exhibitions at the Walker Art Center (Minneapolis), Tate Britain and British Museum, Brooklyn Museum and Centre Pompidou.
In recent years Boshier was the recipient of the Honorary Fellowship of the RCA (2016) as well as the Guggenheim fellowship and NEA award for the arts, he is also an accomplished teacher and lecturer. He lives and works in Los Angeles.

‘On the Road’ 2017

Derek Boshier’s On the Road is the inaugural solo exhibition at Gazelli Art House in London, showcasing his latest acrylic on canvas works and premiering two short films.

Boshier’s clear references to pop culture are ever present in this show with depictions of his long-standing friend and biggest collector, David Bowie appearing in three paintings: ‘David Bowie and Teresa Cornelys’, ‘David Bowie Twice’ and ‘David Bowie, Jack Kerouac, and David Bowie’ The pair first met in the late seventies and shortly after their introduction Boshier was to design the album artwork for Bowie’s Lodger. Within these paintings Boshier approaches the subject of how a single performer explores many identities through creative self-management, a performing art Bowie excelled at.

Shortly before David Bowie died, he is known to have written messages to his nearest, longstanding friends and collaborators. Included in these heartfelt goodbyes Boshier received praise and acknowledgment for his body of work and contribution to the pop art movement throughout the decades.

“I just had to write and tell you how much I love the book that has just been published. Your work really cascades over the decades and is utterly real and convincing. You really are a master. Cush!!”

– David Bowie

Other works in the exhibition include his Otherwise Engaged series (Pyramids and Guadeloupe Mountains), which provide a witty social commentary on the digitalization of everyday life and brings to focus the idolization of the digital world.

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2019 Night and Snow, Gazelli Art House, London

2019 It’s Only When the Tide Goes Out… Selected works and ephemera, 1976 – 2018, MOSTYN, Wales, UK
2017 On The Road, Gazelli Art House, London, UK
2017 On The Road, Night Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, USA
2015 Ry Rocklen & Derek Boshier, Condominium Pancake, Galerie Albert Baronian, Brussels, Belgium
2015 International Pop, The Walker, Minneapolis, MN
2014 Cogwheels Carved in Wood, curator Jonathan Griffin, Night Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
Change, Tanya Leighton Gallery, Berlin
2014 “Derek Boshier: Journey / Israel Project” Installation. Night Gallery, Los Angeles, USA
2014 “Derek Boshier All in a Day’s Work, Drawings Paintings and Films 1970-2014” Boyd Satellite Gallery, New Orleans, USA
2014 “Change” An Exhibition of the Installation “Change + Films” Tanya Leighton Gallery at Kurfurstenstrasse, Berlin, Germany
2013 “Derek Boshier” National Portrait Gallery, London, UK
2013 “Derek Boshier: Survey of Work” and “In Conversation with William” Gallery 360, North Eastern University, Boston, USA
2013 “Derek Boshier, Films” and “In Conversation with Alex Kitnick” Light Industry, Brooklyn, NY, USA
2013 “Paris France, Paris Texas, Paris Hilton” Derek Boshier New Paintings, Flowers Gallery, New York, USA
2013 “Derek Bosier 1962 ” Thomas Solomon Gallery, Los Angeles, USA
2013 “Derek Boshier Drawings” Large drawings from the Iraq War Series 2004, Chelsea Arts
Club, London, UK
2013 “Paris France, Paris Texas, Paris Hilton” Derek Boshier New Paintings. Galerie du
Centre, Paris, France
2012 Derek Boshier, “Iraq War Drawings 2004” Chelsea Arts Club, London, UK
2012 Derek Boshier, New Paintings: “Paris France, Paris Texas, Paris Hilton” Flowers Gallery, New York, USA
2012 “Derek Boshier: David Bowie and the Clash” selection of work made for Bowie and the Clash
2012 Pallant House Museum, Chichester, UK
2012 “The Artist as Film Maker: Derek Boshier” British Film Institute Theatre, London, UK
2012 “In Profile” 6 new etchings. Huguenot Editions, London, UK
2011 “Derek Boshier: Heroes and Villains” Springfield Museum of Art, Ohio, USA
2011 “Derek Boshier – In the 70’s” Steven Wolf Fine Arts, San Francisco, USA
2010 “Urban Vex” Etchings and Drawings. Royal Academy Schools Galleries, London, UK

2009 “Extreme Makeover” Collages & Drawings. Ammo Gallery New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

2009 “Derek Boshier New Paintings ” Las Cienegas Projects, Los Angeles, USA
2008 (April) “Extreme Makeover” Flowers, New York, USA
2007 “Derek Boshier: Works on Paper 1955-2007 Flowers East, London, UK
2007 “Magazine: New Paintings” Steven Wolf Fine Arts, San Francisco, USA
2007 “Derek Boshier Oeuvres Recentes” (Recent Work) Galerie du Centre, Paris, France
2007 “Extreme Makeover” 800 Gallery, Monmouth University, New Jersey, USA
2006 “Pop: Works on Paper from 1962” Whitford Fine Art, London, UK
2006 “Derek Boshier: All In A Days Work. New Paintings” Moody Gallery, Houston, Texas, USA
2006 “Derek Boshier: Works on Paper 1962” Whitford Fine Art, London, UK
2005 “99 Cent War (Iraq) : Installation and Paintings” Galerie Du Centre, Paris, France
2005 “99 Cent War (Iraq) : Installation” The Florence Trust, London, UK
2004 “Shelf Life: Derek Boshier Recent Paintings and Sculptures” The Athenaeum Music and
Arts Library La Jolla, California, USA
2004 Derek Boshier: “Extreme Makeover”, Steven Wolf Fine Arts, San Francisco, USA
2003 Derek Boshier: New Paintings -“Books” Keller & Greene in Los Angeles, USA
2003 Derek Boshier Works on Paper: A Retrospective 1957–2003″, Weber State University,
Ogden, Utah, USA
2002 “Derek Boshier Sports” F.G.Cozens, Dusseldorf, Germany
2001 “Derek Boshier”, Flowers West. Los Angeles, USA
2001 “Derek Boshier”, Galerie du Centre. Paris, France
2000 “Derek Boshier New Work”, Shakespeare Fine Art. London, UK
2000 “Cowboy” Installation, Window Gallery. St. Martin’s College. Charing Cross Road.
London, UK
1998 “Journey/Israel Project” Installation, Holocaust Museum. Houston, Texas, USA
1998 Derek Boshier. Paintings & Drawings 1982-85. Weil Gallery.
Center for the Arts. Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi, Texas, USA
1997 “Journey/Israel Project”, Miskan Le Ormanut Museum of Art. Ein Harod. Israel
1996 “Derek Boshier”, Cornerhouse. Manchester, UK
1996 “Derek Boshier – Recent Works”, Connaught Brown Gallery. London, UK
1995 “Derek Boshier – The Texas Years”, (work 1980–95). The Contemporary Arts Museum.
Houston, Texas, USA
1995 “Three Giants”, Texas Gallery. Houston, Texas, USA
1993 “Derek Boshier Drawings 1962-63, 1992-93”, Independant Gallery. London, UK
1991 Mandeville Gallery. University of California, San Diego.CA, USA
1991 Texas Gallery. Houston, Texas, USA
1990 “Derek Boshier: New Works”, Fahey/Klein Gallery. Los Angeles, CA, USA
1989 “Derek Boshier – Large Paintings and Drawings 1983- 1988”, Mexicarte Museum. Austin, Texas, USA
1989 “Derek Boshier”, Arthur Roger Gallery. New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
1989 Texas Gallery. Houston, Texas, USA
1988 Fahey/Klein Gallery. Los Angeles, CA, USA
1987 Edward Totah Gallery. London, UK
1987 Albert Totah Gallery. New York, NY, USA
1987 Texas Gallery. Houston, Texas, USA
1986 Totah-Stelling Gallery. New York, NY, USA)
1985 “The Artist’s Eye”, Kimbell Art Museum. Fort Worth, Texas, USA
1985 Edward Totah Gallery. London, UK
1984 “New Drawings”, Marconi Gallery. Milan, Italy
1983 “Derek Boshier: Selected Drawings 1960-82”, Blue Coat Gallery, Liverpool, UK
1982 Traveling exhibition New 57 Gallery. Edinburgh, UK
1982 “Derek Boshier – The Texas Works”, The Institute of Contemporary Art. London, UK
1982 “Paintings and Drawings 1981-82”, Robin Cronin Gallery. Houston, Texas, USA
1981 “Derek Boshier – Texas Works”, Contemporary Arts Museum. Houston, Texas, USA
1981 “Paintings, Drawings and Photographs: 1961-79”, Museum of Contemporary Arts. Lodz,
Poland. Traveling exhibition- Palace of Culture. Warsaw, Poland
1981 “Drawings: 1980-81”, Angela Flowers Gallery. London, UK
1981 “Drawings: 1980-81”, Graham Gallery. Houston, Texas. USA. The 1970s 1979 “Paintings
and Drawings”, Angela Flowers Gallery. London, UK
1979 “Drawings and Books for Artists”, Felicity Samuels Gallery, London, UK
1978 “Events”, A I R Gallery. London, UK
1977 “Places and Routes”, Oriel Gallery. Cardiff, UK
1977 “Events and Routes”, Peterloo Gallery. Manchester, UK
1977 “Events and Art Books”, A I R Gallery. London, UK
1976 “Places”, Angela Flowers Gallery. London, UK
1975 “Two – About Duality”, Artnet. London, UK
1975 “Routes”, Angela Flowers Gallery. London, UK
1974 “54 Drawings”, Angela Flowers Gallery. London, UK
1973 “Documentation and Work 1959-72” (Drawings, paintings, prints, notes and films and
“Change”, mixed media installation), Whitechapel Art Gallery. London, UK (catalogue)
1972 “Derek Boshier Documentation and Work”, Touring Exhibition in Great Britain through to 1973.
1971 Hayward Gallery, London, UK
1970 Nigel Greenwood Gallery. London, UK
1970 “Zeichnungen – Lithographien”, Galerie Bucholz, Munich, Germany
1970 Galerie Varennes, Paris, France
1968 Robert Fraser Gallery, London, UK
1967 “Derek Boshier”, Galerie Bichofsberger, Zurich, Switzerland
1965 Robert Fraser Gallery, London, UK
1965 Galerie Aujourd’hui, Brussels, Belgium

Selected Group Exhibitions

2018 Photography Exhibition, Gazelli Art House, London, UK
2016/17 ‘Britain Invasion’ at Museum of Art History, Lancaster, California, USA
2016/17 This Was Tomorrow: Pop Art in Great Britain, Kunstmuseum, Wolfburg, Germany
2016 This is Today, Gazelli Art House, London, UK
2014 Cogwheels Carved in Wood: Derek Boshier, Gina Beavers, Jamian Juliano Villani, Sean
Kennedy, Oliver Payne, Lucie Stahl“” Curated by Jonathan Griffin. Night Gallery, Los
Angeles, USA
2013 “David Bowie is influencing Your Behaviour ” Victoria and Albert Museum. London, UK
2013 “Glam: The Performance of Style” Tate Gallery, Liverpool, UK and tour to Schirn Kunsthalle
Frankfurt and Lentos Kunstmuseum, Linz, Germany
2013 “Made in Space” Night Gallery. Los Angeles, USA
2013 “Made in Space” Gavin Brown Gallery. New York, USA
2013 “Made in Space” Venus over Manhattan. New York, USA
2011 “Art Work: UK Government Art Collection” Whitechapel Art Gallery, London, UK
2010 “Pop Cinema. Art and Film in USA and UK 1950-1970’s” International House, Philadelphia, USA
2008 “No Such Thing as Society: Photography in Britain 1967-87” from The British Council and Arts Council Collection, UK
Center for Contemporary Art, Warsaw, Poland
2007 “Pop Art Portraits” National Portrait Gallery, London, UK
2007 “Group Show” Angstrom Gallery, Los Angeles, USA
2007 “Beneath The Underdog” Gagosian Gallery, New York, USA
2007 “Nothing Moments” Steve Turner Contemporary, Los Angeles. 2007 “Pop Art” Wolverhampton Art Gallery, UK
2006 “British Pop” Museo de Bellas Artes de Bilbao, Bilbao, Spain
2006 “Good Vibrations: Visual Arts and Rock Culture” Centro Arte Contemporanea, Siena, Italy
2006 “Texas 100” El Paso Museum of Art, Texas, USA
2006 “As is When” 12th International Print & Drawing Biennial, National Museum of Fine Arts, Taiwan

2006 “Swinging London: The Collection of Mateusz Grabowski” Muzeum Sztuki, Lodz, Poland.

2006 “Swinging London: The Collection of Mateusz Grabowski” Muzeum Sztuki, Lodz, Poland.
2006 “Abovo” Design Center, Los Angeles, USA
2004 “Art and The Sixties” Tate Britain, London, UK
Art Fairs

2016 – Art Miami
2006 “Derek Boshier: New Paintings” Paris Art Fair, (FIAC) Grand Palais, Paris, France

Public Collections

Arts Council of Great Britain, UK
British Council Collection, UK
British Museum Collection, UK

Government Art Collection, UK
National Portrait Gallery, London, UK
Portsmouth Museum, Portsmouth, UK

Contemporary Art Museum, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

City of London Guildhall Collection, UK

Dallas Museum of Art, Texas, USA

Government Art Collection, UK
Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisbon, Portugal
High Museum, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
HRH Queen Elizabeth Collection, Windsor Castle, UK

Museum of Modern Art, New York, USA
Museum of Art, Lodz, Poland
National Gallery of Poland, Warsaw, Poland

Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego, California

Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Texas, USA
Museum of Art, Ein Harod, Israel
Museum of Southeast Texas, Beaumont, USA

Texas Menil Collection, Houston, Texas, USA

National Gallery of Australia, Canberra

National Gallery of Scotland, Edinburgh, UK

National Portrait Gallery, London, UK
New Orleans Museum of Art, New Orleans, USA

Palm Springs Desert Museum, California, USA

Peter Stuyvesant Collection, The Netherlands

Phoenix Art Museum, Arizona, USA

Portsmouth Museum, Portsmouth, UK

Tate Britain, London, UK
Tate Modern, London, UK
V&A Museum, London, UK
Yale Center for British Art, Connecticut, USA


Artist Residencies
2011 Artist in Residence, Wittenberg University, Springfield, Ohio, USA

1975, Vancouver University
1953-57 Yeovil School of Art, Somerset, UK
1957-59 Guildford College of Art, UK
1959-62 Royal College of Art, London, UK